Custom Activewear | Sublimation | Screen Printing


Incorporate your very own label to create a fully branded product. Add value to each garment by including your logo, company details or product info on the label.

Each product comes with a Size Label (20mm wide x 60mm tall) that indicates the size, country of origin, fabric type and product care information. We are then able to sew your Custom Label over the top of the size label. We recommend a printed satin label which is 20mm wide and 45mm tall, however we can sew any custom label into the garments.

Please note that we do not make custom labels, all custom labels need to be supplied to us pre-cut, not on a roll. Please contact one of our recommended label manufacturers to get your labels made. Once your labels have been made, send them to us and we can keep your stock here for future orders, simple.


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